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EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument)

How does the EWI compare to a saxophone or clarinet?

There are three models both made by Akai. These are the EWI 5000 the EWI 4000s and the EWI USB.


The EWI 5000 and the EWI 4000s contain their own sounds and can be connected to a computer or sound module to get more sounds. The EWI USB does not contain its own sounds and has to be connected to a computer. It comes with its own software that enables you to play all sorts of sounds.

It responds to breath pressure and articulation and is just as expressive as any acoustic wind instrument. The fingering is the same as the saxophone and the upper register of the clarinet. The fingering can also be set to flute, oboe, recorder or EWI.


You blow it much like a recorder but it does have sensors that allow vibrato and note bending similar to saxophone and clarinet. It is this expressive ability that causes it to stand out from keyboard synths. The EWI is a professional instrument in its own right but not a replacement for saxophone and clarinet.

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